OpinionSquare Review: Scam or a Trusted Survey Site?

If you’ve ever heard of OpinionSquare then you may already be aware that it’s a membership based paid survey website that rewards you for simply providing them with your opinion.

I am going to sign up for the site in order to do a complete and fresh OpinionSquare review.


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About Opinion Square

The weird thing about this company and their profile on the Better Business Bureau’s site is that there are 2 different profiles there. One is under OpinionSquare.com which has a rating of F on a scale of A+ to F. The other one is under the parent company name “ComScore Inc” with a rating of A+. So, its hard to know what to make of it.

That said, OpinionSquare can be said to take good care of its members and is one of the most highly trustworthy survey sites on the web to date. They currently maintain not only an accreditation through the Better Business Bureau but also a very strict privacy policy ensuring none of your personal information is submitted with any of the surveys you fill out.

Staying ahead of the other survey panels is quite easy when you provide tons of interesting surveys, appropriate levels of compensation for participating in those surveys and timely payouts upon request.

This high level of customer service allows OpinionSquare to maintain an active membership base that presently exceeds 2 million members who are free to work as much as they would like or as little as their schedule will allow making this a great way to supplement your income by filling out a few simple surveys in your spare time.

OpinionSquare Company Detail Screenshot

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How Does this Survey Panel Work?

A number of organizations who partner with OpinionSquare are willing to pay for the opinions of consumers such as yourself through the services of websites like this one allowing you to earn a little bit of that money as extra income in your spare time, though certainly not enough to get rich.

In order to join you’ll need to install OpinionSquare’s specially designed software program. This program is not spyware nor will it open the door to spyware or viruses, but rather it tracks and stores your daily use of the internet on that computer.

I know that sounds scary for many people, as it was for me when I first heard it. However, upon a closer inspection, I noticed that their software is registered in GRID, the Goodware Resource and Information Database. That means this is a verified and harmless software that doesn’t impact your computer in any negative way.

Once the software is installed, the company uses the data gathered from it and those of other members to create create research reports on Internet trends and e-commerce activities. The results of these data mining is often quoted by major news outlets such as as MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fox News, etc in their reports.

Now, the most important point to keep in mind is that your personal information as well as other sensitive materials will not be recorded, but rather the program simply identifies how you utilize the internet on a daily basis and relays this information to OpinionSquare’s partner companies.

Also, if you agree, the panel will collect information about your TV viewing habits straight through your provider. Again, this is optional and you have to first authorize them. As with the internet usage data, the resulted data gathered from your TV viewing habits are also used for market research purpose to help them understand how people use and interact with their TV service providers.

You may think their research ends there but that’s not the case. OpinionSquare also conducts normal online surveys on topics not necessarily related to you internet activities, such as financial services, consumer products, travel, health care, automotive, retail and other industries.

OpinionSquare Review

Reward System

Unfortunately, no members are paid directly in cash for their participation in this panel, but rather you’ll earn what are called “OpinionRewards” for every survey you qualify for and complete.

You will also be entered into the monthly $100,000 sweepstakes once you’ve got the program installed and you become an active member.

For each friend or family member you get to sign up as well, you’ll get an additional entry into the monthly sweepstakes. There are also weekly sweepstakes for $100 and the chance to enter larger sweepstakes that will pay anywhere from $2,500 to $100,000

Every survey completed will earn you rewards points and an additional entry into the sweepstakes. Sadly, unlike with other panels such as Opinion Outpost, these reward points are not redeemable for cash but you can redeem them for gift cards and prizes.

That said, periodically, they do offer surveys that pay cash which will be paid to you within 4 to 6 weeks in form of check. But those are usually few and far between.

On a more positive note, even if you don’t win any of the sweepstakes you’ll still get the “consolation,” token. These tokens are also given to members when they do not qualify for surveys and can be used to play online games that will allow members to potentially earn even more rewards and tokens.


So, Should You Join Opinion Square?

Having been a member of OpinionSquare for quite a while I can tell you that often times I’m quite active, where as other times I just don’t seem to be able to find the time.

Regardless, they continue to send me invitations to available surveys whether or not I’ve been on in a while, a fact I appreciate greatly.

My payments have always been made in a prompt fashion and I have to tell you it’s always a bonus to see that extra money in the bank.

But, there are a few things that bother me – The first one is the BBB profile thing and the second is regarding the company’s activity (or lack of thereof) as of late.

For example, sometimes their sign up page seems to be broken, there is no way to register. All it shows is different operating systems and the kind of browsers they support.

But at the end of the day, the company itself is a legit marketing research firm and from other reviews of OpinionSquare that I have come across, they have lots of very happy panel members who confirm always being paid for their participation in this panel’s online surveys.

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