Ipsos i-Say Review: a Legit Survey Panel or a Scam?

When it comes to paid surveys, Ipsos I-Say, aka I Say by Ipsos, is pretty much the godfather of all panels out there. The site has a lot going for it. For starters, it hosts very high paying surveys with some of them paying close to $90 even.

There is also the small matter of the site having exclusive associations with popular brands. Topping all of this is Ipsos I-Say’s reliable payment record. All in all, there is no reason for me to not recommend Ipsos I-Say to you!

Is Ipsos I-Say a Scam?

The very nature of Ipsos I-Say’s business is one that easily rouses suspicion in the minds of people. It’s hard for many to assimilate the fact that there are certain kinds of jobs that actually pay you for doing nothing more than filling-out surveys regarding certain websites, products or even movies about to be launched in a few months.

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However, what many fail to understand is that Ipsos I-Say operates on a very sound business model. Any individual working in a marketing job will understand the importance of consumer opinions. Ideally, any company or business would like to get some honest reviews and opinions on its product or service before it’s launched to the mainstream public.

As such, the demand for honest opinions from real-life consumers is quite high. While earlier these businesses financed product testing and focus groups, they have now turned to the web as it not only allows them to reach out to their target consumer more efficiently but also makes it convenient for people like you to be a part of the survey.

Ipsos I-Say helps such businesses and companies to hire the services of active consumers with strong opinions. Ipsos I-Say has also been around for more than a decade in its online avatar and continues to seek people who are willing to get paid for giving their opinions. All in all, Ipsos I-Say is completely reliable and you must definitely consider joining it.

Screen shot of Recent Winners at IpsosMy Personal Review

I personally think Ipsos I-Say is the best when it comes to online paid surveys. I’ve been part of their panel for a long long time and can say with confidence that Ipsos I-Say has maintained its top-dog status over the years.

As for the surveys, every time I check my inbox I see at least a dozen invites with even more of them popping up when I log-in to the Ipsos I-Say site. There is a wide variety of surveys and the payment for them varies too. Some of the top-end surveys can net you a maximum of $95, although they are rarer and often take more time to complete than smaller ones at the lower end of the pay scale, which is typically $15.

If you have to only sign up for one paid survey site to make money with, I recommend Ipsos-iSay. Ipsos is the most fun and well-paying panel. Give it a try to see how you like it. It is free anyway!

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Ipsos I-Say, like most other survey sites, makes use of the points system to pay people. However, in what is a welcome departure, the site allows users to redeem their points as gift cards or prize drawings. However, I personally prefer to turn them into cash.

How Reliable is Ipsos I-Say?

I’d say a lot!

Ipsos I-Say’s is oporated by Ipsos Insight, a division of Ipsos. It is a world-renowned market research organization that has conducts over 6 million surveys annually in over 100 countries. It has operations in a number of countries and is definitely not some fly-by-night operator that is out to scam people.

For those among you already familiar with the world of surveys, Ipsos would be a known name. Ipsos I-Say also enjoys a good stature in the eyes of the Better Business Bureau and is part of trusted non-profit market research organizations like the Pew Research Center and Maxwell Poll.

Check out Roper.edu site (Roper Center for Opinion Research) for more information on opinion research, which is something the above mentioned organizations specialize in. So as far as reliability and credibility is concerned, Ipsos I-Say is top of the tree.

Ipsos i-Say Contact InformationOther Reviews of Ipsos I-Say

None of my reviews are complete without taking into consideration the views of other people and I’ve done the same with this Ipsos I-Say review as well.

These are the findings of my online research:

  • The general view towards Ipsos I-Say is favorable to say the least. The site is not only prompt in dispatching people’s payments but also enables more people to qualify for different surveys. Both these aspects make it one of the best survey panels out there.
  • One of the things that people most like about Ipsos I-Say is that the site rewards you with a few points even if you do not qualify for the actual main survey, unlike panels like Opinion Outpost. Answering quite a few screening questions before being shown the door is not a pleasant experience at all. However, the rejection is certainly made more endurable by Ipsos I-Say’s points reward system. It doesn’t matter if the points are too less in number as long as there is some consolation.
  • I did manage to find a spate of complaints made by users about Ipsos I-Say’s points redeeming system. However, most of these complaints originated in November 2011 with nothing to show on either side of that period on the calendar. However, users who faced the above problem also expressed complete satisfaction at the polite and responsive manner in which their problem was handled by Ipsos I-Say’s customer care. And since I’ve never had to turn to their customer care team till now, it won’t be wrong to term the above incident as a one-time occurrence.
  • Ipsos is also quite popular for the prizes it regularly hands out. Among the more recent news-making one was its offer of a $5000 college scholarship. Although this offer was terminated some time back, there is still a lot of scope to win some of the other prizes (like reward points, iPads, other electronics or even cash) on offer by Ipsos. In fact, someone from New Jersey won five grand just last week. The only requirement here is that you must take a minimum number of surveys every month to gain an entry into this contest.

Final Thoughts

Ipsos I-Say is not only fun but also pays well. When you consider the fact it’s also quite reliable, you’ve got an absolute winner on your hands.

Hopefully, you are able to make a decision on joining the site after reading my honest review of Ipsos I-Say and I truly hope you enjoy your experience as a panel member of this survey site.

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