MyView Review: a Trusted Survey Panel or Scam?

If your primary goal is joining survey sites that actually pay, MyView is one survey panel you cannot ignore easily as you are about to learn from my review.

The site has a history of consistent payouts and most of its surveys are quite rewarding and fun. The package is made complete by their excellent customer service. This review below will help you decide if it’s worth joining MyView to earn money.

The Company Behind MyView

MyView is an online survey panel operated by Authentic Response, a trusted market research organization that has been helping various companies conduct studies about their products and services since 1996. And with the increasing popularity of web-based marketing research, the company launched MV panel in 2008 so they could attract panels members who could participate in their online surveys.

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The site also has a security certifications from TrustE which indicates the site is legit and trustworthy.

As for their profile on the Better Business Bureau, the site has a F rating on a scale of A+ to F, which resulted from the company not paying any attention to complaints and issues raised by consumers, and that is somewhat alarming. However, upon a closer inspection, I noticed that this profile isn’t actually maintained by them.

Instead, their real profile is under the parent company Authentic Response which is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating and that’s because out of 55 complaints during the last few years (although not all are related to their panel), they have resolved each and every one of them. That to me is a sign of the company giving a damn about their customers and in this case panelists.

What further cements MyView’s credentials is its BBB accreditation and thousands of well-paid and satisfied members. Yours truly included!

Authentic Response Contact Info Screenshot

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Is This a Legit Panel?

My View has been conducting market research studies since 1996, although as mentioned above it wasn’t until 2008 that they started conducting online surveys. The fact that they have been in business for this long shows this is a legit company and not a scam site trying to rip you off and disappear in a few days.

The site operates on the same model that is used by many of the survey panel websites out there. So if you are familiar with the functioning of even a single paid survey site, there is nothing new to learn about MyView.

The site creates a common platform on which two very important entities come together, viz. large organizations conducting market research and consumers like you who have strong opinions and don’t mind sharing them.

The organizations conducting these market researches do so for brands of every size and stature. Market research is an important task that big brands like Walmart or even Pepsi tend to outsource to companies dedicated to doing the same.

This is a far cry from the times when market research groups simply used to ask consumers for opinions on certain products. Today, such organizations realize that consumers have more important things to attend to instead of helping them understand the changing consumer habits and preferences.

This led to the birth of the idea of paying consumers for their opinions. MyView does exactly that and the large amount of surveys it boasts of is a sign of how this approach is successful for all parties concerned.


Why MyView is Worth It?

Thanks to my experience with multiple survey websites, I’m now used to receiving many mails daily in my inbox informing me about a number of surveys. This is where I particularly love the way this site handles such notifications.

MyView, to my knowledge, is the only survey site that hosts surveys necessitating a certain degree of expertise from the participants. This expertise spans across a wide range of things like cameras, film, web design, healthcare or even video games. The best thing about such expertise-requiring surveys is that they pay significantly better than their generic counterparts.

As for generic surveys that are open to all types of people, although they are greater in number their level of pay can be abysmally low at times. If you have expertise in any of the related survey categories, they will try to make full use of the same and in the process, help you earn more for the time you spend.

Because of this approach, MyView acts more as a public opinion research organization rather than a traditional survey site.

This fact is also quite evident from MyView’s homepage where all the different kinds of surveys offered by them are listed out (some examples include focus groups, product testing, opinions on movie trailers etc.). I also noticed that the site has a large number of surveys suited to people from the IT background.

MyView has fashioned its payouts around the points system instead of paying cash just like other survey sites. After the successful completion of every survey, you are rewarded with a particular amount of “MVP”s (points).

The number of points you earn totally depends upon the kind of survey you took. Longer and expansive ones usually result in more reward points than smaller and easier surveys.

There are quite a few ways in which you can redeem these accumulated points. While cash is the most obvious route for people like me, you can also opt for gift cards or Visa cards (something they used to offer earlier in return of PayPal payments). Also remember that you must accumulate a minimum of 20,000 points (roughly equaling $15) before you are eligible for any nice reward.

Review of MyView member dashboard

What Other Members Say?

I decided to look-up the web for other people’s opinion about MyView. This would tell us if they enjoy the favor of the larger paid survey community.

Not surprisingly, it enjoys overwhelming popularity across the web. The biggest positive seems to be the fact is that once you redeem your points, you will receive your voucher code almost instantly. On the flip side, I know I would much rather (so do most panelists) have the option of getting paid via PayPal.

Here is a quick run down of pros and cons of this panel:


  • Most people liked the fact that they could start answering surveys almost instantly instead of waiting for survey invitations, which is something that many survey panel sites have started skimping on.
  • The ability to earn points for profile surveys.
  • You get points “Just for Trying” when you don’t qualify for a survey.
  • The site has a great track record of paying its members.
  • Once you redeem your points, you will receive your voucher code almost instantly.
  • More survey invites compared to many other panels.
  • Low minimum cash out requirement of only $15 compared to other survey panels some of which require at least a $100 before paying you.
  • Top-notch customer service as is evident from their “Customer Feedback” page where feedback given by members don’t remain obscured with the customer service team. It’s instead posted to the public by the staff itself and they even update details of how any suggestion by members is being handled by their team.


  • No Cash / PayPal payment option.
  • The biggest shortcoming of this company compared to other sites is that your points will expire upon 90 days of account inactivity.
  • Not open to most countries. They only accept members from the U.S.
  • There are times when some rewards are not available (weird, I know!).


Last Word

From my own experience and that of many other members I think it is obvious that this is a reputable marketing research firm that does pay its members.

Of course, like almost all other survey panels, MyView has its shortcomings as well. But looking at mine and other panelist reviews, it is easy to see that the pros of joining MyView far outweigh the cons of being a panel member of this site.

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