Global Test Market Review: Scam or a Legit Site You Can Trust?

Global Test Market is well-known when it comes to sites that pay people for taking surveys.

If you are among those interested in joining Global Test Market’s rank of survey takers, you might be interested in the review that I’ve written of the site below where just like other reviews I do, I sign up with the site to learn about the inner workings of it to ultimately find out if its a legit and trusted company or a scam.


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Is GTM Legit or Scam?

The question I keep seeing people ask about this panel is “Is Global Test Market Safe?”…

Global Test Market is a completely legitimate and reliable survey panel. Perhaps what could assuage the fears of people is the fact that the company has been in this business since the turn of the century (1999 to be precise).

The site was founded by the prestigious marketing research firm Global Market Insight, Inc. With more than 1400 clients in over 60 countries, GTM is one of the biggest market research companies on the planet.

But the biggest vote of confidence in the site’s genuineness comes from the Better Business Bureau, the most reliable and unbiased voice when it comes to judging a business. BBB has a favorable outlook towards Global Test Market.

And let’s not forget that their panel members have been getting their payments regularly for years which is also why it happens to be a site that inspires a lot of confidence and trust among its existing members.

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I have been a survey taker with Global Test Market for more than 4 years now and have managed to earn a sizable amount of money with them.

Of course, the income is not something that lets me enjoy a luxurious cruise around the world but nevertheless, it’s nice to make some extra money on the sideline without compromising too much on your family or personal time.

If you are of similar goal, I would highly recommend signing-up with Global Test Market.

And now that the legitimacy of GTM has been established, and we know there is no Global Test Market scam, let’s move to my actual review of the site.

Global Test Market Contact Information

Global Test Market – My Review

The main focus of my review here is to understand the method through which you get paid by Global Test Market.

The site is also pretty similar to other online survey panel sites that pay members for recording their opinions on any product or service. As for survey topics, they conduct market research studies on a variety of topics including but not limited to Movies, Restaurants, Automobiles, Consumer products, and Current events.

Unlike other survey panels out there, Global Test Market does not compensate your efforts in taking surveys directly with cash. The system of Market Points is used instead, which means that you’ll have to turn your accumulated Market Points into cash.

There is a slight catch here as Global Test Market requires you to possess at least 1000 Market Points before you are able to convert them into cash. As for Global Test Market points value, 1000 Market Points converts into $50.

Now, the speed at which you rake up these 1000 points is influenced to a large extent by the number of surveys you take and the regularity with which you do it. There is no hard-set time frame to earn these 1000 points as some surveys tend to pay more than others.

You also need to consider that not all people are allowed to take all the surveys (more on this below).

The good thing is that the site is kind of famous for sending out lots of survey invitations daily. There are days I get up to 5 survey invitations.

Of course, you may not qualify for every single survey you get invited to, but with this volume of available surveys, it’s not that hard to rake up the points needed to cash out quickly.

One of the main conditions when joining Global Test Market’s pool of survey takers is that a person needs to be at least 14 years of age. This shouldn’t be a whining point as most other survey panels follow similar membership guidelines which is an industry standard.

As I mentioned above the company operates in more than about 60 countries world wild, including USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Israel, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and many more. You can see a list of countries where GTM has active panels by visiting this page.

When you do join up with the site, a number of questions concerning your demographics will be put to you. The answers to these questions help Global Test Market decide on the types of surveys you are most suited for. Answering such personal and spending preference questions will allow you to qualify for the right kind of surveys.

However, there are certain other surveys targeted exclusively at a select group of people only. To be a part of this targeted group, you’ll need to go through a “pre-survey” or “screening survey”.

This is also the part where Global Test Market stands out in its treatment of those people who don’t qualify for a survey even after answering some of their questions. The site enters you into a free sweepstake to give you a chance to win something for the few minutes you wasted answering those qualifying questioners.

A while back the site used to give a few points (which wasn’t much to be honest) when you didn’t qualify for a survey, but that policy underwent a change recently. Either way it’s a policy from Global Test Market that has found a lot of positive support from survey takers.

Like most other panels such as MySurvey, GTM has also a referral program where they award you 20 Market points for every person you refer to the site who registers and completes his or her first survey.

GTM Panel Member Dashboard Screen shot

Online Reviews of the Site

From the above write-up, it’s quite easy to see that I actively support and recommend Global Test Market. However, to help balance out my review I decided to look-up some other reviews of the site online.

  • The majority are in absolute favor of Global Test Market. The single biggest advantage that GTM has over its rivals is that it plays host to pretty much the largest collection of surveys on the web, which is something people really seem to like. This is also understandable as the amount of money you earn is directly influenced by the number of surveys you take.
  • As for the negatives, Some members were complaining about their market points being deducted from their account, seemingly without any explanation. But, this was mostly from back in 2007, and it seems like the site has since come a long way in fixing this issue to the point where I haven’t seen any similar complaints in the last few years.
  • I also encountered more than just a few complaining write-ups about GTM’s lackluster customer service. Although personally I have had a great experience with them so far, I must admit that I contacted GTM’s customer support only a few times over all these years. So that is one area that GTM definitely needs to brush up on.
  • The last thing I want to mention in this review is the fact that when you cash out your earnings, it takes quite a while to get your check (up to 6-weeks for Americans). Yes, you always get paid, that’s for sure, but survey takers like to be paid fast. So, I’d hope that Global Test Market can work on this one issue and deliver faster payments.
  • Unlike most other panels where you earn on going commission for your referrals, this site gives you a one time commission of 20 points. This is one area I think the company needs to work on if they want to motivate more people to refer as many people as they can, by perhaps offering ongoing commission for active referrals.


At the end of the day, from my own experience and reading other people’s reviews, I can confidentiality vote for legitimacy of Global Test Market.

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