MyOpinionNow Review: a Legit Cash for Surveys Site?

My review of MyOpinionNow was pending for a long time now simply because I wasn’t getting enough surveys from the site to form an opinion. However, of late I’ve been receiving a lot of survey invites from the site and subsequently, wrote down this review.

Background on

The company behind the site is “Market View Research” also known as MVR, a New Jersey based firm that has been conducing studies since 1998.

MVR launched in 2007 to address the anticipated demand for online survey respondents. Their clients include CitiBank, Ralph Lauren, Anheuser Busch, and Calvin Klein, just to name a few.

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The company is also a certified member of local and national organizations such as State of New Jersey’s Business portal and WBE National Council (WBENC).

The panel is mainly into conducting market research through both online surveys and product evaluations. As of now, only people residing in Canada and the USA can be part of this site.

This panel enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and it’s also certified by TRUSTe.

As for its affiliations, the company is a member of the biggest market research organizations such as Council of American Survey Research Organizations, The World Association of Research Professionals, and Marketing Research Association.

Screenshot of's Contact DetailsHow It Works?

Registering with the site is free but requires people to have completed 14 years of age and be residents of Canada or the USA. You can wrap up the signing-up process in around 5 minutes.

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Take note that the registration process is double opt-in and needs a person to provide consent to the prescribed T&Cs before he/she is accepted!

MyOpinionNow’s website is designed rather horribly and you’ll see this right at the beginning. The site appears like one from the 90s but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying it out. After all, the site has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Once you complete registration, you are awarded a bonus of 1000 points. You can earn more points by way of “fun profile surveys”. These surveys can be answered quickly and you need to make sure that you answer them thoroughly.

Providing detailed and useful answers increases the likelihood of you getting a higher number of survey invites from the site.

The site mainly hosts actual surveys, so their none of that completing offers nonsense. On average, around 2 surveys are made available every month.

Whenever a survey goes online, you are informed of the same via email. You can also check out the same by logging into your account.

So far, I’ve been able to complete around 2 surveys without facing any disqualification issues. As for duration, I completed both in fewer than 5 minutes.

However, beware that the amount of survey invites you get depends a lot on the demographics to which you belong and if you’re the kind of person a company desires to learn from.

A majority of the survey panels compensate you by way of points or cash for finishing surveys. MyOpinionNow chooses to pay RewardPoints. The site refrains from explicitly mentioning the number of points each survey pays but the couple of surveys I took netted me 20 points each.

Of course, the amount of points you get will differ with the kind of survey. For instance, longer surveys will earn you more points.

Reward System

You can also redeem RewardPoints for prizes or cash. A few prizes on offer are really cool but need well more than a thousand points.

Although I’m not the biggest supporter of the concept of paying points for taking surveys that is exactly what this panel does.

The site conforms to a points system spread across 10 levels/grades. It starts with 20,000 Points equaling to $20 and goes up all the way to 200,000 Points equaling to $200 as you can see in the screenshot below.

My Opinion Now Reward System

You are allowed to exchange your RewardPoints for cash once they breach the 20,000 mark. Redeeming that many points will net you $20 in cash.

If your existing balance of points is located anywhere between the 10 levels and if you desire to redeem, a check is sent to you for the topmost level of points you qualify for. The leftover points will continue to stay in your MyOpinionNow account.

For instance, in case you have accumulated 90,000 RewardPoints and wish to cash out, you’ll be sent an $80 check. The remaining 10,000 points stay in the account.

The check is sent by mail and usually arrives in around 4-6 weeks after you move the payment request.

Their surveys are not the “big bucks surveys” kind. It’s clear that this site isn’t meant for making a ton of money but taking the surveys that do pop up every now and then ensures your points balance continues to grow all the time. The end result is a decent check awaiting you in the near future.


By referring your friends, you can earn with MON on two separate levels. Although its not exactly the same, their referral program works almost the same way as SurveySavvy’s referral program.

In the first level, you are paid 25 points every time a referral signs-up and completes the double opt-in process.

In the second level, you are paid 50 points every time a referred members completes his/her first survey.

Is MyOpinionNow a Scam?

Not quite. It looks like a legitimate survey panel but I can’t really vouch for its payment credentials simply because my points balance is not enough to withdraw money.

However, from other reviews I have read, there is ample proof that other panelists have got their payments from MyOpinionNow.

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