Inboxpays Review: Is This Site Scam or the Real Deal?

InboxPays is a newcomer in the field of GPT websites which is why there aren’t many reviews of the site online. The site assures people that they will make money by taking its surveys. Similar to other GPT sites like CashCrate, the site also claims that members can make money by reading emails and completing trial offers.

Let’s review this site and see if it is a trustworthy site to join.

The Company Behind InboxPays

InboxPays forms one of the many subsidiaries of A&A Marketing Inc., which is a marketing company based out of Chicago and one that excels at lead generation.

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A&A Marketing Inc. is the same company that owns the famous online rewards program SendEarnings and its sister site InboxDollars. You can read my reviews of these 2 sites here (InboxDollars) and here SendEarnings.

I can’t say with certainty if this site is scamming people or not. However, I’m aware that the site is grappling with a number of complaints on the web regarding missed payments.

As of now, the BBB’s page for IP displays an F rating. That, coupled with the many dissenting voices on the internet, makes me nervous and uneasy about this site so far.

InboxPays Phone NumberHow Does it Work?

When you register with InboxPays, details like name, age, birthday, zip code and email ID need to be provided, which is in line with the standard procedure at other sites.

Registration is free, and once you complete the process, a $5 bonus is given to you. Don’t fall head over heels for this as most sites based on the GPT model provide one.

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From here on, you can login and make money by different methods like clicking and reading email ads, playing games, answering surveys daily, participating in contests and polls, and by referring friends.

The site also has its very own unique feature known as “Spin Wheel”. Upon registration, every member is rewarded two spins with each completed survey fetching one spin.

Here are some ways for you to earn money:

  • Paid Emails
    You are sent email messages to read (a maximum of 3 per day) with the pay being 25 cents for every click. An email message will consist of an offer related to products, which you must click to make money. If making money off reading and clicking emails is what you plan with this site, or any other GPT site, I urge you to use a separate email ID for the same as you are likely to get many emails in addition to a whole lot of spam.
  • Daily Paid Surveys
    As for surveys, most of them pay between $0.50 and $1.00. When I checked, the site had only 5 surveys available. The site’s surveys are also pretty similar to the ones from other sites. First you are required to answer certain screening questions. If you get them right, you proceed with the rest of the survey.
  • Cash Offers
    This site has a higher number and variety of offers compared to surveys. Many of these offers can also be found on other GPT / Survey websites such as Vindale Research. These offers are advertised to pay anywhere between 50 cents and $75. However, take note that the ones paying high are usually not free, which means they’ll need your credit card information.
  • Spin To Win
    Earn money by playing games. Spin and get a chance to take home the jackpot.
  • Referrals
    Once you refer a friend to the site, you stand to earn 10% of what he/she earns when cashing out.
  • Contests
    You can also increase your earnings by participating in daily polls and contests.

Getting Paid

InboxPays offers payments to its members via PayPal only. Once you reach the figure of $50, you can submit a payment request.

Also, payments are released in $50 multiples only. If you’ve built up a balance of $53, you’ll be paid $50. In case your balance amounts to $107, you’ll receive $100.

Either way, the remaining amount of money is carried over to your next payment. These small carry overs tend to make a huge difference in a short span of time.

Please Note: In order to get paid, you have to meet certain stipulations. For example, you need to have earned AT LEAST $25 by way of completing offers or/and Spin Wheel credits.

As for credits via Cash Mail, the corresponding figure cannot exceed $25. Both apply for every payment request you make. If your earnings from Cash Mail credit exceed $25, they will continue to accumulate and be included with future payments.

They pay through PayPal on the 1st/15th of every month. This is only after you complete the mandatory waiting period of 30 days from the day of submitting the payment request and if verified by phone.

InboxPays ReviewIs a Scam?

The first thing I always look for is whether a site charges people for registration. Fortunately, that was not the case with IP. However, there are some other things you must know about the site before signing-up.

Starting off, all members must possess a PayPal account. The site pays only in cash instead of prizes or gift cards, which is good news for many people including me. However, in order to get paid, you need to have a minimum balance of $50. Only then will your payment request be processed.

Compared to most other sites, the minimum payout amount is almost two times over. There is also the fact that completing most surveys will net you not more than $5 per survey and even then, completing a survey successfully is not a walk in the park.

This simply means that it’ll be a few successful survey completions before you see some money from InboxPays. The drawback here is that quite a few people might not be ready to wait that long and might end up quitting.

As for their ‘earning through emails’ method, keep in mind that you are paid money by advertisers for clicking on their links in those emails.

So, once you submit your regular email ID to such sites, be ready to face a barrage of emails every day. Which is why I always recommend to get a separate Yahoo Mail, Gmail etc, just for survey sites you plan to join. This way your personal email inbox won’t be cluttered with advertising emails and survey invites.

The amount of money the site gets from its advertisers for these paid emails is not very significant, which explains the unbelievably small amount they pay you for reading and clicking on each paid email. These factors make the figure of $50 appear more daunting than ever.

Is it Worth Your Time?

That is something you have to decide yourself. If you want to join, here is InboxPays sign up form. But, if you want to get involved with a GPT site, there are far better options out there. Not only does the site requires you to have a minimum account balance of $50 for a payout but it also has lots of complaints against it.

As I said earlier in the review, this site, much like Panda Research, has left more than just a few people unhappy. Most people complaining against the site were upset that they didn’t get paid even after completing offers and surveys to accumulate the required account balance. To me, that says it all!

There is no point in risking joining this site. Instead, you’ll be better off joining a site listed among my recommended paid survey websites such as MyView Surveys, a legit survey panel.

All the sites recommended by me are trustworthy, pay in a timely manner and are free to join. Thanks for glancing over my review of InboxPays!

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