Creations Rewards Review: Legit or a 13 Years Old Scam Site?

The name CreationRewards is not a very well-known one when it comes to survey and online rewards sites. But those who have been a member of this site for the last 13 years seem to really love it.

In this review I will try to paint a complete picture of what this site is all about and whether its worth your while to join this site or not.

A Little About Creation

CreationsRewards initially began as a simple web based loyalty rewards program and was founded by Christopher Basista, a known entrepreneur, in 2000.

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The company is based out of New Jersey and when it started out, enabled members to collect points for tasks like completing offers, visiting websites and even shopping online.

In fact, the site achieved immense success in its initial few months, which necessitated a complete revamp to make room for the larger traffic it was receiving. This revamp was completed in February 2001, which helped automate a large number of the programs’ backend functions.

Jump forward a decade and has implemented another huge upgrade during the spring of 2011. This time around not only have the site’s backend systems received an upgrade but the overall design was pepped up as well. Both these things will ensure CR’ continued relevance as an important player in the sector of online loyalty rewards.

Although not a BBB accredited business, it gets a A+ rating (the highest possible) from the Better Business Bureau.

BBB.rog also shows about 6 total complaints against the site in the last 3 years which considering the nature of the site and how similar sites are bombarded with all kinds of complaints, doesn’t seem that bad.

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Creation Rewards LogoMembership

To join the site, you need to be a major (at least 18 years old) and a resident of either Canada or the USA.

Registering with the site is a simple process and requires you to provide your email ID (which also functions as your username), entering a password and information about your address.

Upon submitting this information, a confirmation email is sent to you. Once your email ID is verified, a one-time credit of 25 points is awarded to you. Immediately follows a chance to make another 75 points via the site’s sponsor offers.

CreationsRewards’ site is quite simple to navigate and has all important options listed towards the bottom left hand of the page. Although not the most visually stunning site around, it does its intended job!

Earning Points

You can earn points in many different ways; as is the case with most other websites of its ilk such as QuickRewards and MemoLink.

  • Surveys
    The site hosts some surveys daily with an average pay of around 50-200 points each. A cool fact about this site is that in case you manage to complete 3 surveys on the same day, CR rewards you an additional 125 points as bonus apart from your earnings from the surveys themselves.
  • Daily Trivia
    Earn a point every time you answer a question correctly. Conversely, get 5 points by framing a question that the site’s owners decides to use.
  • Completing Sponsor Offers
    The amount of points you earn entirely depends on the kind of offer you complete. Every offer mentions the points it carries, which is helpful to decide whether an offer is worth completing.
  • Visit Websites
    Earn anywhere between 0 to 5 points for visiting different websites. You might be required to visit some websites on a daily basis while for others, the frequency might be once every 48 hours. The points you earn by visiting websites are credited to your account automatically around a minute after the visit.
  • Shopping
    However, shopping through CreationsRewards’ store doesn’t fetch you too many points. Frankly, I’ve come across sweeter deals on competing websites such as Send Earnings. The points also vary with each store. Points earned through this route are credited to your account automatically within 14 days of your order being shipped. You can ensure the crediting is proper by visiting the merchant site through their links. However, in case you use a coupon code, the credit from CR might stand invalidated as coupons are considered unique to particular websites sometimes.
  • Watch Videos
    You can earn around 2-5 points for watching every video. After watching a video completely, the point’s credit to your account will arrive within 2 hours.
  • Paid Emails
    Most websites offer you a few cents in exchange for reading emails. Although the site sends you emails, it won’t credit you the corresponding points until and unless you finish the emails offer.
  • Refer Friends
    You will be rewarded 100 points every time you refer a person and he/she earns a minimum of 200 points as well. This is the just the type of referral rewards system that I hate as most referred people tend to quit after completing an offer or two. As such, getting just 100 referral points is going to be very hard. Besides, you also do not enjoy any residual income from your referrals, which I consider to be another huge bummer.
  • Offer Wall Points
    Earn points very quickly by completing offers with the Offer Walls. Usually, these types of offers credit instantly. However, be ready to face some issues every now and then as their crediting system is prone to guffaws.

Creation Rewards Gift Cards and PayPal OptionsCashing Out

Thankfully, this site doesn’t have a rule whereby your points expire after a certain period of time. However, the site requires you to have earned at least a single point in a 12 month period for your account to remain active. So if an account is deemed inactive, its points balance is rendered wasted.

You can redeem your points once they reach the 1,000 mark. All those points in exchange for a gift card worth $5 only. PayPal option is also available, which means you can earn $5 in cash rather than a gift card.

Once you have initiated your redemption, funds show up in your PayPal account within 48 hours. But unfortunately, at times this redemption route can take up to 8 weeks to reflect in certain cases.

Although this is annoying, it’s also understandable as the site prefers to get paid first by its advertisers before it doles out money to members. (By the way, you can read more about how these kinds of sites work here).

Last Word

I have been an active member of Creations Rewards since 2005. In all these years, frankly speaking, I’ve cashed out numerous times and received my payment every single time without fail even though it can be a touch late at times.

So yes, the site is indeed legit but I am not sure if you can earn much by way of completing surveys and free offers. This is exactly why I deem this site as a waste of effort and time.

But still, if you like this site and want to try it out, here’s a link to CreationRewards’ registration form. As its evident from this review, it’s a reliable site after all so there’s no real danger of you being duped anyways.

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