SwagBucks VS. Bing Rewards: Which One is Better?

When it comes to “get paid to search” thing, Swagbucks is the biggest name, or at least (as some people believe) used to be. But there is another rival that is making headlines.

During September 2010, Microsoft quietly introduced its rewards program with the purpose of promoting its search engine Bing, with the intentions of diluting the popularity of its main rival Google.

Bing did this once before with their “Bing Cashback” program. But it was a failure, for a variety of reasons.

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This time, although it hasn’t failed yet, it faces a stiff competition. Perhaps, it underestimated the popularity of Swagbucks, another highly popular search engine that reward its users.

As I explained in detail in my recent review of SwagBucks, there are lots of SB members who claim having earned considerable rewards, varying from free tickets for movies, Amazon gift cards and cash to making donations to charities and other prizes.

If you are considering signing up either of these engines, you’ll find it worthwhile to compare the two on these lines:


1. Sign Up Bonus

Swagbucks keeps offering introductory promotions from time to time. During its promotion periods, SB rewards you with up to thirty points in your account just on signing up.

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Though Bing used to have a policy of crediting your account with 250 points on signing up. But I think now they offer 200 points. That said, you’ll need to confirm if the offer is still valid at the time of signing up, since they change the policy often.

  • The Winner: That goes in favor of Bing.

Swagbucks Search Engine Screenshot

2. More Earning Opportunities

Apart from using search engines there are other ways to earn rewards. Either search engine allows you to earn rewards when you search the web through them.

In case of Bing, you are awarded one point for every two searches, subject to a maximum of fifteen points on any single day, whereas Swagbucks has not specified any upper limit of the number of points you may earn in one day.

Bing also provides bonus points on achieving special levels of completion, like gold and silver status.

Swagbucks provides many other opportunities for collecting your points. It has rewards for signing up of offers. It rewards you when you send a photo or video containing you and your newly acquired Swagbucks prize.

Additionally, it allows you to make extra bucks, going up to $25, on Fridays through another program named Mega Swag Bucks Fridays.

You can also earn extra points on trying new Bing features. It would suffice to say that other than just searching the Internet, SB presents a number of other opportunities for earning points.

  • The Winner: Swagbucks since it clearly offers more opportunities for making money.


3. Referral Rewards

While Bing rewards you with five points for every friend you refer (Microsoft need to step it up with that ridiculous 5 points per referral), Swagbucks enables you to earn matching points from referrals up to 1,000 SB per referral.

  • The Winner: In this case SB wins hands down.


4. Points Even for Reward Redemption

Since the awards offered by the two are not similar, it is difficult to compare the number of points needed for redemption.

Then, there are quite a few variables that can’t be measured. For instance, on patronizing Swagbucks, you are not aware of the points that will be credited to your account while you make your searches.

But in case of Bing you are aware that every two searches entitle you for two points and on any given day your earnings can’t go beyond thirty points.

Yet, we can make some kind of a comparison…

Here’s an example:

A gift card worth $5 is offered by both the sites. In case of Bing, you need to have 525 points in your account for claiming that reward. Swagbucks, on the other hand, gives you the same reward against 450 points.

Remember, Swagbucks has no limit to the number of points you can earn in one single day.

So, your chances of accumulating the same number of points in shorter time are higher compared to Bing.

  • The Winner: Swagbucks wins the point!

Bing Rewards Redemption Center

5. Selection of Rewards and Prizes

At present, Swagbucks offers over 2000 prizes to choose from when you want to redeem your points. On the other hand Bing offers the option of just nineteen prizes.

However, it should be pointed out here that on achieving the status of gold membership with Bing, you can avail discount of five percent on Microsoft Points and the Xbox Gold Subscription, which is certainly an advantage for those buying these products.

  • The Winner: The scales tilt in favor of Swagbucks!



Ok, so SB wins in this Bing vs Swagbucks battle. But here is the thing, SB is a totally different company and its goal is totally different than Bing. SB is a rewards site, it was made based on that.

Bing on the other side is a search engine like Google. They introduced the Bing rewards program in order to help them catch up with their biggest competitor Google.

So, this is almost like apple and orange situation, but for those looking to earn a little extra cash or a few gift cards here and there, I think both sites are great. they each have their place. So, I would sign up with both sides, but focus more on Swagbucks.

Here are the registration links:

Sign up with Swagbucks (30 Free Points)

Sign up with Bing Rewards (200 Free Points)

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