Survey Junkie Review: a Legit Market Research Site or an Imposter?

Searching for paid survey sites returns lots of websites, one of which is Survey Junkie. However, as you are about to discover in this review, SurveyJunkie is not what it actually claims to be.

I will get to that a little later, but first let’s get to know the company and what it says it does.

Introduction is basically a market survey company specializing in bringing together people interested in taking surveys and research companies that need them for completing their many surveys.

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The company’s owners claim that they provide human resources to only companies that pay studiously and adhere to SJ’s policies.

The site’s reins are handled by “Survey Junkie”, which is based out of California.

Other than that, there is really not much more info about the actual company behind the site, their history and other stuff.

I did however check with the Better Business Bureau but it seems like there is no profile for Survey Junkie on BBB. Again, that alone is not a sign of a company’s illegitimacy as there are hundreds and thousands of companies, big and small, who don’t have a profile on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Survey Junkie Info ScreenshotHow does this site work?

Registration is free. All you need to do is provide an active email ID while completing a brief questionnaire. The latter is used by the site to hook you up with appropriate panels and surveys.

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However, the site does not admit members from all regions and as of now, only entertains members from Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom.

The website claims that its members can get surveys that pay in the range of $2-$75 each. The site also offers its members access to focus groups, with each paying a maximum of $120 per hour.

Members can also test out new products during trials at the end of which they can keep those products for themselves free of charge.

All that may sound fine and dandy but personally, I think it’s quite deceptive. As it stands, Survey Junkie is anything but an actual market research site. For example, SurveySpot is a real paid survey site where as Panda Research is not!

You can instead call SJ a site that deals with lead generation, i.e. they procure all your personal information and use it not to provide you with real surveys but to simply match you with those who provide actual surveys.

After submitting your questionnaire, the site gives you an option to get “more information” about a wide variety of opportunities. To me, this is just another phrase to say that you can “give permission” to SJ’s partner sites to intimate you regarding other offers and advertisements.

Is Survey Junkie safe?

Legit survey companies like Opinion Outpost that are actually into market research can be relied upon as they present you with real and proven methods of earning money by working from home.

Normally, it’s safe to expect a handful of survey opportunities every week from a company with the average pay being in the range of $1-$10. Such companies also tend to usually pay in cash while some also resort to gift cards of large retailers like Macys’, Amazon etc.

However, there are also many companies and websites like Survey Money Machines, operating under the garb of dedicated market research organizations.

These are companies that pay their members “points”, which must then be exchanged for entries into a “sweepstakes” that carry cash prizes. In effect, with such a system you rarely stand a chance to earn something for all the efforts you put in.

But you need to be very careful about “trials” and “offers”. As I explained in my recent CashCrate review, survey websites often provide members with these opportunities, which pay significantly more than completing basic surveys.

Again, you need to exercise caution and diligence here as quite a few tend to gloss over the offers’ details with the end result being that they end up paying more than they earn from these offers.

Should you sign up?

Having said all of that, I don’t think SJ is a scam per se. But, I wouldn’t waste my time with them since every survey site they have in their database can be found online and right here on SurveySatrap along with reviews of each panel.

You don’t need to give out your personal info to yet another middleman site like Survey Junkie for info you can find for free.

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