RewardTV Review: Can You Really Get Paid To Watch TV?

If you like watching TV, you are going to like RewardTV, a website that allegedly pays for answering trivia questions related to different TV shows.

In this review, I will be digging deep into inner workings of this site and I’ll let you know if this site is worth your time.

Corporate Info is a Rewards Program that has been around for over 10 years and it is operated by Nielsen IAG, Inc. of The Nielsen Group of Companies.

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If you are familiar with paid surveys and market research, you probably have heard of Nielsen. It is one of the biggest market research firms in the world.

As far as its rating and standing with the Better Business Bureau goes, Reward TV is not a BBB accredited business, nor is it rated by the BBB.

Though as I have mentioned many times on Survey Satrap, not being rated and listed on BBB’s site is not a sign of scam since there are thousands of companies that do not participate in their program.

That said, the parent company, Nielsen IAG, Inc, is indeed an accredited business and gets a high rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

Screenshot of Contact Info for RewardTVHow Does RewardTV Work?

To get started, I say again this is not your usual survey panel, its a site much like InboxDollars and MyPoints. Nevertheless, it is still an interesting website which allows you to earn points while you continue to indulge in your TV watching habit.

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Come on, if watching TV takes up a significant portion of your life, why not get that extra something as you go along?…

The site restricts each household to have a maximum of three (3) members, and each member is further limited to just one account.

If your favorite pastime is to watch TV, and you love tackling those trivia games, then maybe you would like to take a fancy on this site. It is a slight departure from those typical online survey panels, so if you are looking for that something extra that does not conform to the run of the mills surveys, this could be exciting.

This Rewards Program is free to join. Rather than cash, RewardTV compensates you points for participating in TV trivia surveys. These are often related to shows that have been recently aired.

Your rewards start to roll in the moment you join. Every new member is paid 5000 bonus points upon successful registration, and you make additional 2500 bonus points for every friend you refer (though they do impose a cap of 20 referrals per member).

You can potentially make a dollar a day (in the form of prize money) by simply engrossing in the TV shows everyday.

As for the survey, it helps that if you are well versed with certain TV shows, alongside with the corresponding commercials.

Obviously, the sure way to get maximum points is to get perfect score on the questionnaire prepared.

Depending on individual shows, the points awarded will vary. On average, there are some 1000 points (or higher) attributed to each show.

Cashing Out

There is no cash out in the usual sense. Instead, point redemption often takes the form of participation in sweepstakes and auctions.

Members can also exchange points for gift certificates, the flipside is there are not really a lot of choices and you will need huge points to do just that.

In addition, gift certificates exchanged are limited to two times a week. During my time there, I only noticed a BP gas card was offered.

How to Win

The options available to you are listed below:

  • Pay for My Stuff Sweepstakes – Trade points for chances to win big prizes. Such point redemptions are limited to 3 entries every day.
  • Auctions – Bid on prizes using your points.
  • Shopping Sprees – Exchange points for gift certificates (selected merchants only and the limit is two times a week).
  • $10,000 Sweepstakes – Play a Trivia game on any given day, and you will be accorded an entry into their $10,000 Sweepstakes.
  • $1,000 “Second Game” Sweeps – For a 2nd Trivia game played on the same day, you will have another chance to enter into the $1,000 “Second Game” Sweepstakes.
  • Bonus Surveys – Through participation of Bonus Surveys, you are entitled to an entry for a chance to win prizes.

Is RewardTV Legit?

There seems to be mixed reactions here. Some pronounced it as complete scam, while some claimed that they have wasted their time there.

In addition, there are also complaints about people getting into difficulty to get their due prizes from auctions.

Personally, I do not agree with the scam idea, but I concur it has been a complete waste of my time.

As new members register, RewardTV and their sponsors are allowed unfiltered access to a host of emails. While members participate in surveys and games, they collect your shopping habits through cookies. Members really get the short end of the stick.

By the way, using cookies is something most websites do nowadays. I highly recommend you learn about cookies and how they are used to track you while you brows online. You can learn more about the topic here.

Throughout these exercises, I think members are not adequately compensated other than points that are only useful for sweepstakes entry.

RewardTV Prizes

I was hoping to get some paid surveys when I signed up (while preparing for this review). And I have said it earlier that they don’t! The rewards are all about points.

The closest thing to cash is their gift certificates. A typical survey would pay a member something like 2500 to 7500 points.

On the other hand, one is expected to cough up some 200,000 points in order to exchange for a gift certificate (well, there are those that require less points but an overwhelming majority fall into this category).

So, just do the math, how much trivia questions does one have to tackle before he or she can get on to such gift certificate.

Should You Sign up?

The site is completely legitimate, but we certainly have far better options out there. The payback just does not commensurate with the time and effort spent.

Don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly fine with points system; so long the websites allow conversion of points into cash upon cash out, an idea that doesn’t seem to stick with this particular site.

For something close to RewardTV but that chooses to reward you with real money instead of sweepstakes, I recommend a site like QuickRewards Network, which I think is an excellent alternative. You have complete control on when to cash out and how much (it could be as little as $.20) to cash out, and you could credit it to a PayPal account.

So, the bottom line is RewardTV can be fairly innovative, and even fun, provided there is ample time for you to kill with little regard on fair compensation. But to me it’s not worth it.

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