Pinecone Research Sign Up: 2015 Registration Link is Here!

Good news, Pinecone Research sign up link is here.

Yes, the doors are open once again for a limited and short time.

Update: Sorry, they stopped accepting members for now. I will update the link when they start accepting new members again. But for now you can join Microsoft’s Feedback Lab Community if you are looking for a good panel to join.

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For those not familiar with it, Pinecone is one of the (if not THE) most sought after paid survey sites amongst American survey panelist (yes, sadly they only accept U.S. members).

Why So Popular?

The reason for its popularity is the fact that it pays $3 cash for each and every survey you take for them. Whether it takes 10 seconds or 10 minuets to complete the survey, you get $3 regardless.

As far I know, it is the only survey site that does this.

Now, for a lot of people that’s not the main reason they like this site. The main reason is that there is no cash out limit here.

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Yes, that means there is no waiting for months to reach the cash out limit and then requesting a check and waiting another 2 weeks to get it.

No, that’s not how Pinecone rolls!

They send you the $3 check automatically soon after you finish the survey. Yes, every time you qualify for and complete a survey, your check gets put into the mail arriving at your doorstep within days.

There is no other site that does this either.

But What’s the Big Deal about Their Sign up Link Being Available?

Well, here is the thing; if you go to, as I explained in my recent review of Pinecone, you won’t see a registration section. There is no way to sign up. All other survey sites have a sign up page where anyone can register immediately. But not this one!


Because they are very selective about who they let in, and they only open registration for short period of times each year. But even during those times, you won’t find a way to register.

Which I think is a smart decision by them. This way they make sure to have only serious survey takers.

It keeps their panel quality and made up of interested and active panelists, which in turn helps the company to attract more businesses and companies to do their market research studies through Pinecone.

Then How Do You Sign Up for PineCone Research?

The only way is to get invited by them or one of their partner publishers. There is no other way around it.

I am happy to say that I am one of those that can share this special registration link with my readers.

So, if you like getting paid $3 for every survey (no stupid points) and have it mailed to you right away, or if you’re one of those who’ve been waiting for a long time to join this site, here is your chance to do so.

Hurry up though, its only open for a short time and for a limited number of people.

Once they reach that number, they will close the door until next time which no one knows when it may be. It could be 6 months later or one year later, or 2 years later. We just don’t know.

Here is the registration link.

Don’t lose the opportunity to join one of the best highest paying survey sites today. You’ll never know when is the next time that Pinecone Research sign up link will be available.

What If the Link Doesn’t Work?

That means you were late and they closed the doors.

However, you will get another chance as they will reopen the doors again. Be sure to check back on this page and try the link again as I will constantly update the link.

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