Permission Research Review: Download a Software for Surveys?

One of the few survey sites that require members to download a software in order to participate in their paid surveys is Permission Research.

To write this review, I had to join the site, install the software and basically become an active member. Now it’s time to tell you whether or not it safe and worth your time.


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About Permission Research

A part of ComScore Inc., PermissionResearch is one of the members of The Adventure Research Foundation, which was founded in the year 1936.

The company is renowned as among the world’s largest web-based research organization.

More than 2 million people worldwide are its members and they take part in researches aimed at studying various patterns and trends related to the internet.

The company’s studies focus on the different ways in which members browse the web and glean information about their various preferences. All this is achieved through a software application, which every participating member needs to install on his/her computer.


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BBB Rating

At the time of writing this review, The Better Business Bureau had a rating of A+ for I also noticed that the company has been a BBB Accredited Business since 2004.

As for complaints, there were a total of 18 documented during the past 3 years, which is not that bad compared to other similar survey sites.


How It Works?

As stated above, all members wanting to be part of this panel need to install the said software on their computers. This software application is GRID (Goodware Resource & Information Database) registered.

The software continuously monitors the web-browsing habits of the member and others in the household. This allows the company to understand the internet browsing habits of the said people. It is somewhat similar to Nielsen HomeScan Research’s TV rating program.

At times, the site might also invite members to take part in internet surveys, which are created to enable companies understand the interests and attitudes of members regarding a wide range of topics. However, taking part in such surveys is not mandatory for members.

The reports derived from the internet usage habits of all members are combined with survey results to develop a research report on prevailing trends on the Internet and other e-commerce activities. The results of this report are quoted by leading names in news media like the WSJ, Fox News, MSNBC, NYT etc.

The software provided by the site is completely safe as it doesn’t compromise personal information of members. The only purpose of the software is to assist with research and surveys.

You can drop any worries regarding installing this software on your PC. Plus, the software is quite easy and can be uninstalled quickly as well. But since PermissionResearch requires all members to install it, the incentive it provides in return for its surveys is also pretty good. This is what makes the whole time and effort worth this panel.

All members are notified of new survey invites via either email or through a pop-up displayed by the software provided by site. However, pop-ups are available only on PCs using the Windows OS through the Internet Explorer web browser. Even then, you can still receive pop-ups if you use other browsers like Firefox or AOL provided that your PC still has Internet Explorer installed.



All PR members get to play a role whereby they contribute towards improving the World Wide Web.

It’s totally up to you whether you want to be an active member by choosing to answer the site’s surveys or remain a passive one by just installing the PermissionResearch software and letting it do all its job. Either ways, you are bound to earn many benefits.

  • $100,000 Monthly “Your Opinion Matters” Sweepstakes
    A single winner is chosen every month. Not only does this winner pocket $100 but he/she also earns a shot at winning $2500, $5000, and wait for it, even $100,000. All members are given an entry into this sweepstakes once they join the site and can earn subsequent ones by referring their friends and family to PermissionResearch.
  • Cash & Gift Cards
    Every now and then, all members might be intimated about certain special surveys offering either cash or gift cards. These are meant to be a sort of “thank you” gesture for members’ participation.
  • Tree Donations
    PR has in place its in-house Trees for Knowledge Program, whereby the panel funds tree plantation all over the world with a view towards improving the life of communities in Africa, Central America and Asia. Every time a person joins this survey panel, the firm donates a tree in lieu of the same.


My Review

I’ll admit that the software downloading part was something that I didn’t particularly favor with this site. Any company that asks you to do so, in order to participate in its programs goes down a couple of notches in my estimation.

Most, if not all, of these software programs contain spyware, resource hogging features and many more. As such, unless you are earning upwards of a grand, this is certainly not worth the trouble. But I had to download the software and use it in order to write a complete review of the site here.

Basically, the company is going to watch the way you browse the web through your computer. Additionally, there are also going to be survey invitations.

Of course, the frequency and similar things will vary as per your demographics or things like that. Eventually, you’ll understand that you will be rewarded with points for allowing the company to monitor your internet usage.

Most current members have stated that it takes more than 3 months for this to happen, although some might experience getting more compared to others.


Should You Join?

Yes, I think you should join PermissionResearch now. It is a legitimate and in addition to doing surveys and similar stuff, you’ll see that it also lets you enter into sweepstakes and thereby, earn far more prizes.

This will differ from month to month. And from what I have understood from searching around, the site does award many prizes, and since so many members claim receiving one, the company ought to be legitimate in that aspect as well.

In short, if you are okay with downloading software on to your PC, Permission Research deserves a try!

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