OpinionSite Review: SurveySatrap Looks at Legitimacy of This Panel

Today’s review of paid surveys sites is going to focus on OpinionSite, a lesser known panel that is slowly but surely making its place amongst the top online panels.

Although the firm itself was founded way back, their online panel hasn’t been their target focus. But it seems like this panel is becoming more prominent in the industry, which is why I think it deserves a review of its own.

Background on OpinionSite

This online respondents panel is the subsidiary of Universal Survey Center, Inc., a marketing research and public opinion polling company.

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The New York-based parent company was established in 1996 and it commissions and carries out surveys and interviews in 50 different languages.

OpinionSite is acknowledged to be among the biggest state private companies in the field of market research data collection.

As for the site’s standing with the Better Business Bureau, it seems like they are not participating in BBB’s business accreditation program. There is also no rating for the site as of yet.

Universal Survey Info ScreenshotHow Does This Site Work?

Consistent with the industry practice, OpinionSite’s operation revolves around collecting personal information, disseminating updates on products, and compensating users when their opinions are offered. The panel also sets a minimum amount of points before any cash out can be exercised.

Registration is free and it is open to public. After you sign up, you would be presented with a basic profiling survey so that they can better understand you in order to match you up with the appropriate research company.

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The process of signing up and filling up the personal profile survey would add 1400 points and an additional one dollar to your account. The website does not elaborate on how exactly the conversion from points to money works.

But even before the first survey comes along, there are still additional procedures that require your inputs after you sign up. For that, you would be awarded points that are roughly $3.

Earning Points

There are several ways for users to accumulate points:

  1. Complete a survey (either through emails or directly on the website).
  2. Recommending friends and family members to become members of the site.

Interestingly, the panel also attaches a honorarium on all surveys (meaning it will tel you how much each survey offers), regardless those published on their website or sent out via emails. The minimum points accorded to individual surveys are 50 points, as listed on their website.

Getting Paid

OpinionSite allows cash out when there is at least 14,000 points (equivalent to $10) inside your personal account. The cash out is payable by check and processing time would take anywhere from six to eight weeks.

What Else You Should Know

All members of OpinionSite.com are obliged to receive email newsletters, a couple updates, and special offers tailored according to your profile that you filled up in the basic profiling survey.

So all in all, its operation is pretty compliant to the wider market research industry in general. But in my book, I would classify it as an”Offer Site” rather than a survey site.

Personally, I feel that the legit status of any survey website should be at least governed by three basic parameters;

  1. Possibility to reach your described payment amount.
  2. Reliable payment.
  3. And the volume of marketing contacts generated.

Even if you do receive enormous amounts of contacts from advertisers but struggle to find time to complete just enough surveys so as to get to the minimum cash out amount, you should cast serious doubts about the legitimacy of the said market research company.

Once you get disillusioned, or simply grow tired of the surveys and the various marketing communications, you can always unsubscribe from their services, anytime you like.

Opinionsite Health Homepage ScreenshotAbout OpinionSite Health

This is one of the few paid survey sites that also has a website dedicated to health care professionals. It is called OpinionSite Health, and it encourages the participation of doctors, nurses, veterinarians, managed care professionals, and more. The surveys that can be found here are especially targeted at healthcare professionals.

One important criterion here is that prospective members have to be a licensed medical professional with a valid medical license before new membership can be accepted.

After the necessary and successful verification processes, the new members would then start to get invited to all sorts of surveys in accordance to their professional credentials.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, OpinionSite is no scam. It is a legit site and a good option, if your interest is in a site that allows you to earn extra cash, or if you are a licensed medical practitioner and you find the idea of online surveys that are focused on your profession appealing.

But as you get busy with taking surveys at OpinionSite, make sure that you are appropriately compensated, in relation to your time and efforts expended.

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