Only Cash Surveys Review: Scam or a Reliable Paid Survey Site?

Only Cash Surveys is a site I recently come across. In order to review as many panels as I can, I am always on the lookout for newer and genuine paid survey sites. This search has brought me to many sites I had never even heard of before including OCS. 

Since Only Cash is not a very well-known panel, finding reviews and details about the site was kind of hard. Nonetheless, I was able to learn a great deal about the site. That combined with my own personal experience, has lead to some very interesting facts about it.


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OnlyCashSurveys, The Company

OCS is relatively new in the field of paid online surveys. Although there is an unmistakable novelty factor about this site, we do know a few things about it!

Based in Homewood, Illinois, the parent company of this site is known as As of now, the website doesn’t hold a BBB accreditation and has an F rating from them. This might also be attributed to the company’s newness.

That’s about the only piece of information we’ve got on this company. However, be sure to bookmark this page as I will update it as I come across new information and fact about the site.

OCS LLC Address

My Review

One thing needs to be made absolutely clear before I proceed further with my review; is not your typical panel that offers money for surveys. Instead, it is a sort of an “offer site”. Read on to know more about that.

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Basically, you earn by doing different offers (including free trials, surveys, games etc.). In that sense, the site does mislead you into believing that it pays for taking surveys. However, beware that you can still EARN money with them. That said, a very tiny percentage of that money will arise out of answering online surveys.

This is purely my take on the website and its model. I thought it’s relevant enough for me to mention as it’s quite different from some of the other paid survey websites I’ve reviewed previously on

You can register with OnlyCashSurveys for free. Except trial offers, you can get by most things at this site without paying even a single penny; something I’ve already said earlier as well.

So in case you are primarily interested in making money off surveys, stop fretting about giving out credit card information or any free trial offers (as they have some downsides). Instead, just register and answer whatever surveys come your way.

However, I must warn you that not many well-paying surveys will emanate from this particular site compared to other sites like Opinion Outpost survey panel.

After signing-up, you’ll instantly see a list of surveys you can take. Before starting with any survey, you’ll be presented with a small description about it. You’ll also be informed about the likelihood (in percentage terms) of you meeting the demographic requirements for that particular survey.

Available Surveys

Lastly, there are the usual details related to the survey’s length and the compensation you’ll be paid at the end of it.

Normally, most surveys on the site can be completed in around 5-30 minutes with each one earning you $1.00-$5.00. However, you also need to pay adequate attention to the percentage that signifies the likelihood of you qualifying for a survey and completing it.

This is because there can be instances where you are through more than 75% of the survey at which point, you are disqualified from the survey. This happens more often in case of surveys that have low percentages compared with surveys with higher ones.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this feature has been taken down by this survey panel after a redesign. That’s a real shame as it was a wonderful and useful feature.

Up until now, I haven’t participated in any product tests or even focus groups with this site; although I know the site offers them. As far as the few invitations I received are concerned, I didn’t qualify for them.


Compensation makes use of the cash rewards system, which means there are no hassles with points and their conversions. Once you participate in a survey and the same is confirmed, your account is credited. Till the confirmation happens, all rewards are marked as pending.

Once you have a minimum of $20 in your account, a withdrawal request via PayPal can be made. The site, however, doesn’t offer a check option. After you put in your withdrawal request, it’ll be at least a week before the cash reaches your PayPal ID.

The site does offer some other redeeming options but, as would have been apparent to most by now, I consider cash the best type of reward system for the average survey taker.


Is Only Cash Surveys a Scam?

Firstly, I’d like to repeat myself when I say that under no circumstances should you ever submit to a situation where you are required to pay to answer surveys.

A truly legitimate survey panel is paid by the company it services and not by you., as such, requires you to pay absolutely no money before taking surveys. This is definitely a positive in the site’s favor.

Secondly, the site requires all its users to possess a PayPal ID for payment purposes. This again makes it amply clear that the site pays in real money instead of using a points system or any other kind of mumbo-jumbo that some survey panels tend to come up with these days.

However, remember that the site does require you to have accumulated a minimum amount before allowing you to cash out your earnings.

Lastly, signing-up with this site is very straightforward. The only things you’re going to need are an email ID and some time; the latter for answering the short questionnaire designed to help the site determine what demographic you fit best. This information is used to pass you the right kinds of surveys.

Only Cash Surveys Signup Page Screenshot

Other Reviews of the Site

Of course, as it is with every site, there were conflicting views about the site. But here is a run down of what I was able to gather:

  • This site hosts a lot of surveys that can be completed in relatively less time (5-10 minutes) while paying decently at around $2 per survey. This makes it quite popular among the vast majority of the site’s users, who find such surveys easier to complete than the long ones that often take more than 40 minutes.
  • A few people also reported in about having a lucky time with surveys based on TEXT messages.
  • There was another review I read where the author was asked, for 7 days, to go about his normal day but to keep “looking” for ads from a highly popular company. His task was to send a text message every time he saw an ad from this particular company. He wasn’t actually “asked” to search for those ads but was instead, offered a challenge to be aware of them as he went about his day. This author also said he was part of 3 studies like this with each paying him around $8.
  • However, most users had a major gripe with Only Cash Surveys’ delays when it came to payouts. Although the site asks for users to maintain PayPal accounts for getting the cash, it takes a full 4 weeks to complete a payout counting from the day you requested it first. The worst part here is that a few people faced even longer delays than this.



Judging from my own experience and from what others have said of the site so far, I would recommend against joining

My conclusion has more to do with the fact that this site isn’t really a typical paid survey panel. It’s more like a Get Paid To website, where you are paid money to complete different paid and free trials like shopping, registering at various free websites while answering surveys only occasionally.

The bottom-line of this review is that Only Cash Surveys is indeed a legit site that pays, but it’s not an actual market research firm.

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