MobileXpressions Review: 5 Dollars Bonus Just for Signing Up?

MobileXpressions is one of my favorites and I will tell you why shortly. In the meantime, I also want to let you know about my anxiousness just prior to signing up in order to review the site. I spend quite a lot of time to be honest trying to find out more about Mobile Xpressions and it seemed that nobody had anything to say about it.


So, there were a lot of deliberations inside me whether to join or not. This is huge, I mean, to put some program of unknown quality into my iPhone 5 is not something I do regularly. Anyway, I took my chance at that time, and now I am thankful that I did…

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MobileXpressions History

MX is the brainchild of ComScore, Inc., itself an international leading provider on insights into consumers online, mobile browsing and transactional behavior.

This site is designed as a survey panel to check out what the populist trends and common behaviors are in the mobile Internet world.

Some questions it seeks to answer are: Do the most popular Internet sites also dominate the mobile space? Which are the favorite places where people tend to go and what are the most popular downloads among mobile users?

The survey panel attempts to answer all these and more through the survey they carefully designed and commissioned.

In the traditional media world, businesses are reliant on rating agencies to make decisions. These rating services publish information such as which are the most watched programs on TV on certain time and businesses respond by driving up or down the commercial fees accordingly.

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In a similar way, helps businesses, specifically the mobile communities, to gain an insight about the mobile Internet world so as to help them come to informed business decisions.

By the way, there is an article by Pew Research Center on Mobile Internet Usage in the US, with some astonishing numbers and figures that I urge you to read. It is fascinating to say the least.

Camscore inc Contact Info Screenshot

I also checked out the site’s profile on (Better Business Bureau), and while there was no profile of MX, there was one of the parent company CamScore Inc with an impressive rating of A+ on a scale of A+ to F. That’s always a good sign.

The company had around 18 complaints filed against it in the last 3 years, of which all were resolved, displaying the commitment of the company to its customers.

At the same time, I also noticed another profile for the company, this one under the same name but this was for their headquarters located in Indiana (FYI, as I mentioned it in my Brand Institute Review, BBB rates businesses based on their geographical location, which is why companies with different offices have different profiles there).

However, this one was not rated yet, which is odd to me considering that companies usually put their headquarters first when it comes to online profiles.


The basic criteria for any prospective users are that applicants must be 18 years of age and above, have a mobile phone or device that works well with the MX software and have access to the Internet via the mobile device.

In additional to the Apple iOS, there is now also MobileXpression for Android. This is a free download. To see whether your phone is compatible or not, check out this page.

Once the software is fully installed, this software would start to pick up the device owner’s usage on messaging services, mobile web browsing activity, usage of downloaded applications and files, and other activities done on the mobile phone/device.

For people who are worry that the software may eavesdrop on your phone calls, no worry, it won’t. It does not track both inbound and outbound calls. It is never the intent of the software to monitor your phone conversations or voice mail messages.

Other services on offer include public opinion research, where participants are required to tackle long online surveys or engage in phone surveys.

With the research software installed on your phone, participation to any activity prescribed is like a breeze. The survey panel proclaims that they take privacy seriously. The company aggregates all data (collected through the software and survey results from all panel members) and presents the findings to companies that requested the survey.

MobileXpressions Registration Form ScreenshotMy Experience

It was smooth ride from the sign up all through to the installation, and I was hugely relieved that my iPhone did not act up after the installation of mobileXpressions. There was no noticeable deterioration in quality for calls, text messages, internet browsing, or email, and the system did not demonstrate any hint of slowdown.

I did get an instant reward though for my gung-ho attitude to plunge into the unknown. Upon sign up, they decided to give me a $5 Amazon Gift Card, and another $5 Amazon Gift Card when I coerced my friend to sign up as well.

As long as the panel laboriously records my phone data, I am also automatically entered into their regular sweepstake draws.

What’s in It for Us

The instant gratification of $5 reward as you sign up is nice, but this soon is to be followed with more opportunities for more cash, gift cards, and merchandise.

Upon joining, all members can partake in the monthly “Your Opinion Matters” sweepstakes, which dangles a Grand Prize of $100,000. Each month, a cash price of $100 will be awarded to the selected winner, who will then have a chance to claim the subsequent $2500, $5000, or even $100,000 grand prize.

In addition, so long you remain active here; there is always the chance to win the “Weekly Winners” sweepstakes. I notice they tend to refresh their prize choice regularly. So far, they have given out Kindles, iPads, a host of digital cameras, and many other exciting electronic gadgets.

The panel also has a novelty program (called Trees for Knowledge) that makes it stand out from the competition.  They have partnered up with so whenever a new member comes on board and remains active for 90 days, MX will donate a tree to the Trees For The Future foundation in return.

This commitment on earth preservation is indeed to be lauded at a time where there are so many threats to earth’s sustainability. I consider myself “green” and this really made me happy and proud to be a member of this panel.

Is Mobile Expression Worth it?

I think yes! But as I mentioned in this review, the only flip side is that some phone models do get into the compatibility issues with their software.

Otherwise, this site is at least worth checking out. I am fairly convinced that nobody else but MobileXpressions, is ready to shell out $5 for a 5 minute sign-up/install!

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