5 Best Survey Sites That Actually Pay Cash (PayPal or Check)

Finding real surveys that pay cash was one of the first things I looked for when I had initially started the process of trying to earn money online. Participating in online marketing research studies was really exciting to me, not to mention it being very rewarding.

The usual rate of pay offered by most free and legit survey websites is around $5-$30 for every survey completed. Now, who wouldn’t like that kind of cash for what is essentially a few minutes’ work with even lesser effort involved?

The issue here is that there are tons of sites offering you redeemable reward points, but I am definitely more oriented towards earnings money rather than these points; regardless of what you can redeem them for.

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So here, I’ve done some digging of my own (so that you don’t have to) to take out of the picture sites that don’t pay with cash. The companies and sites I’ve listed here do actually pay, with me being one of the many beneficiaries.

Simply put, these are actually the best legitimate survey websites around and they do pay in cash only; either through PayPal or check.

1. Survey Spot

A survey site that that I’ve used extensively while also receiving timely payments many times, Survey Spot requires its users to accumulate at least $5 before processing a payment. This low payment threshold is also one of the better things about this site apart from the large number of surveys the site sends to users.

One irritant though is that sometimes I fail to qualify for many of the surveys belonging to the $1-$3 bracket.

The site is also slightly slow when it comes to crediting your account for a completed survey but thankfully, it’s quite prompt when it comes to processing a payment request.

If you have to only sign up for one paid survey site to make money with, I recommend Ipsos-iSay. Ipsos is the most fun and well-paying panel. Give it a try to see how you like it. It is free anyway!

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2. Survey Savvy

One of the better sites out there, Survey Savvy doesn’t place any regulations on the minimum amount one can withdraw from his/her account. This means you can request for a payment even if your account has $1 or $100.

As for downsides, the site is quite slow at sending requests for payouts and I also found it quite miserly when it comes to sending surveys.

The site, much like other many other panels, pays about $1-$3 per survey. But when it comes to referral program earnings, Survey Savvy is the hands down winner among all survey sites.

3. Opinion Outpost

My personal second favorite, Opinion Outpost made me its ardent fan with its super quick payments.

The site does prescribe a $5 minimum payout limit but it also offers a lot of survey opportunities with the payment being around $1.50-$4.00, which meant you could make payment requests quite fast.

I also managed to qualify for most of the surveys of this site compared to surveys from others.

4. My View

Although MyView is not among my favorite sites, I’m mentioning it here since I did get paid by it.

The site sends you invites quite frequently although it’s a different matter that at times, you do not qualify for them.

There are instances where the site will inform you about your disqualification midway through the survey, which is quite a frustrating experience. A couple of other sites I’ve reviewed inform a member immediately instead of wasting time like this. However, MyView does compensate such disqualifications by entering you into a sweepstakes.

You can cash out from the site once your account balance reaches the $25 mark, which can take a while.

I must also warn readers that not all of MyView’s surveys are compatible with Internet Explorer 8 at the moment. Additionally, logging into your account on a regular basis helps in qualifying for a higher number of surveys.

5. MobileXpression

This is a phone survey sites that although doesn’t pay exclusively in cash, it does give you $5 just for joining the site which is free as long as you have a cellphone that is compatible (on the registration page you can enter your phone model and make and it will tell you whether its compatible or not).

So, considering that no other sites does that, getting $5 instantly just for registration was enough for me to want to add this site to the list.

5 Cash Paying Surveys

Bonus round!

6. Pinecone Research

One of my personal favorites, Pinecone is brisk with its payments and it also sends you only surveys for which you are likely to qualify.

This is one of the few surveys that pay cash instantly, in a sense that as soon as you complete the survey, your check will be on the way the next business day as they do not have any minimum requirement, and you don’t have to request a payment.

The pay for all surveys is $3 and the site might also mail you products for trying out. All this made me anoint Pinecone as the best among survey sites I tried even though the panel is quite choosy about who registers with it.

Prospective members even have to go through a screening round before they can take surveys with Pinecone. As such, the site doesn’t usually allow new people to sign-up. So the only way for most people to get in is by a referral from an existing member or through one of their rare sign-up links.

Make sure that you bookmark either my review of Pinecone or this page as I’ll be posting a registration link as and when they do open up.

A  Tip & a Warning!

  • Starting off, I always advise people to create a separate email ID for using on survey websites. This helps in keeping the inbox of their personal email account neat and clutter-free.
  • And, never fall for a survey website that charges you for membership. What’s the point in paying them when in fact it should be the other way around? Please be very careful about this aspect. For more on avoiding paid survey scams, read this.
  • Be aware of fake checks sent by imposters pretending to be real market research companies conducting mystery shopping studies. Although the fact that they initially send you a check may be tempting, these checks are actually fake and you stand to lose money. You can learn more about how the fake check scam works here.


There may very well be many other cash paying panels, but in my opinion these are some of the top free survey companies that pay cash.

That said, it also wouldn’t hurt to join a few other sites that use point system. After all, at the end of the day, you can still redeem your points for real money and prizes.

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