Inbox Dollars Review: Is It Legit or a Ripoff?

Inbox Dollars has garnered a lot of interest lately in the online survey community and if you are looking for a genuine review of the site that has even been featured on Good Morning America, ABC’s popular morning show, this is the right place for you.

Read on to know if Inbox Dollars is indeed what it promises.

Inbox Dollars and Its Working: Here’s My Take on It

Inbox Dollars works pretty much the same way most other survey panel websites do. So if you’ve got previous experience with such sites, Inbox Dollars won’t throw up any surprises.

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Although It’s worth noting that InboxDollars didn’t start out as a survey panel per se. CotterWeb Enterprises, who owns and operates Inbox Dollars and its sister sites Send Earnings and Inbox Pounds (for UK residents) created this site in 2000 as an online rewards club where people could get cash back for shopping online through them.

However, with their huge success, they decided to branch out and offer others forms of earnings to their members such as surveys, games, referring friends etc. You can even get paid to read emails.

However, people seem to be concerned about the legitimacy of Inbox Dollars more than anything else. So, is Inbox Dollars legit?…

Let me state that it’s completely legit and like any other online surveys website, doesn’t require you to pay anything upfront when signing-up. In fact, the site goes a step further and offers all new account sign-ups a one-time payment of $5. This is one of the reasons Inbox Dollars got prominent airtime on Good Morning America.

Recent Earning at Inbox Dollars Screen Shot

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And just like other well-known survey panels, Inbox Dollars too asks you to fill-up some important personal information once you have signed up for an account and confirmed the same through email. As is usual, this information is used to direct you towards suitable surveys.

The entire concept of taking surveys to earn money can sound too simple. However, as a member you need to be careful about a couple of things. Firstly, you must be ready to start as soon as a survey comes knocking.

You’ll also be required to concentrate hard when registering your responses as ticking-off boxes indiscriminately will surely harm your chances of earning money with Inbox Dollars.

Is It Reliable

Inbox Dollars has been operating as a survey panel site for close to 10 years now. Besides surveys, the site has also started branching out into areas like shopping and games.

So yes, the site is reliable and not a scam. As for my experience, it’s been quite smooth and I’ve never faced a situation with withdrawing my money or redeeming the accumulated points.

On top of that, InboxDollars has been named #4,882 on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America by Inc. magazine for the Fifth Consecutive Year. And according to their news page they have paid over $25 million cash to members since they lunched in 2000.

Simply put, the site’s reliability shouldn’t be among your concerns as you fill-out the sign-up form.
CotterWeb Enterprises Contact Info

Inbox Dollars Vs Other Online Survey Panels

There are quite a few online survey panels out there but Inbox Dollars holds some unique advantages over them. For instance, the best thing I like about the site is that it offers its members a wide range of paid surveys to choose from.

As a new account holder, you’ll be part of both the product testing and online focus groups. Both of them are my personal favorites when it comes to filling out online surveys to earn money.

But perhaps the most attractive part of Inbox Dollars is that it has an association with some well-known brands. Some of the giants that have partnered with Inbox Dollars include Walmart, Target and Netflix.

Now like me, most of you must have bought products belonging to these popular brands and hence, are in a good position to offer honest opinions about them.

Another motivating factor is that this survey (and thereby your opinion) might actually lead to some changes in the way brands and stores position themselves and their products and services.

One thing I want to mention here that I think any reputable Inbox Dollars review should is about the “speeding through surveys” issue and how InboxDollars deals with it. Be warned that Inbox Dollars is one of the strictest survey sites around when it comes to dealing with online survey problems where some people literally fly through their surveys.

Also, when you consider that companies pay top dollar to survey sites for honest and real opinions, Inbox Dollars’ high standards and strict rules start making sense.

Sites that allow people to cheat (speed) their way through surveys rarely last as long as Inbox Dollars, which is why it’s a win-win for both the paying companies as well as paid survey takers like you.

Reviews of Inbox Dollars by Others

In keeping with the way I’ve done my CashCrate review, I decided to turn to the web for some user reviews of Inbox Dollars.

  • First up, the “getting paid for reading emails” feature of Inbox Dollars is quite a hit among people. Although the money you make is miniscule, it can add up to a substantial amount if you do it regularly.
  • Inbox Dollars members are also showered with freebies like shopping discounts from time to time. I have myself taken advantage of these discounts as they are quite steep. The end result is a habit whereby I check my account for any discounts every time I buy something even though Inbox Dollars doesn’t offer discounts for all the things I buy.
  • Another aspect of Inbox Dollars that people rave about is getting paid for playing games online. This will sound like music to the ears of those who are habituated to online gaming in their spare time or even when bored. No longer will playing online games be an unproductive task!

Bottom Line

Summing it up, I like InboxDollars, and I think it’s a great site to have in your arsenal of money-making sites.

However, there are two things I am not a big fan of; the never-ending free trial invitations and the overall low-paying surveys.

But if you don’t mind that, Inbox Dollars is a legit site you can trust when it comes to actually getting paid. You can sign up here.

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