Daily Survey Panel Review: a Legit Paying Site or a Scam?

When it comes to the number of available surveys, DailySurveyPanel has no rivals. At times, you get so many invites that it could overwhelm you.

Besides that, this site is becoming increasingly popular, which is why I decided to review it by joining the site and sharing my experience.

So, here is my Daily Survey Panel review.

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Background on DSP

Under its creator, QuickRewards Network, Daily Survey Panel has gone on to become a popular online survey panel that specializes in many different types of surveys.

Members can simply login to the site on a daily basis and check out the surveys made available to them. Consequently, they can earn rewards for completing their respective surveys.

The site went live in February of 2008, and it has been growing ever since. There is not much more info about the site and its founding. However, you can learn more about its parent company by reading my review of QuickRewards.net. Which also includes details about its rating with the BBB.

DSP Contact Details ScreenshotMy Review

One of the preconditions for joining this survey panel is that you need to have completed 13 years of age, so if you are looking for the best paid survey sites for teenagers, you just found one of them.

The second one, and rather unfortunate at that this is not an international survey panel. The good news is that it seems like the company is moving in the right direction as far as accepting international members. I say that, because although it started as a national survey panel (exclusive to U.S. residents), it now offers membership to a few other countries as well, namely Canada, Australia, and the UK.

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When I first laid my eyes upon the Daily Survey Panel website, it was hard to not notice its extremely simple layout. Of course, past experience immediately prompted me to get suspicious about the site’s genuineness due to this but digging around a bit more cleared the air.

The site is completely legitimate and although it isn’t exactly very popular, it has a huge gamut of surveys. New sign-ups to the site are also taken to a webpage that is full of surveys they can take.

You have the option of either logging into the site daily to take stock of the surveys available to you or you can also choose to take surveys included in the email invitations sent to your email ID.

Whatever you choose, just make sure to be aware of what’s going on as the site uploads many unique surveys every day.

It’s also important that you fill out your profile on the site as soon as possible. This is simply because most surveys tend to target people by gender, zips, age and many other factors. As such, it’s very essential that you feed such information about yourself in the MY ACCOUNT section, where you’ll see the profiler link.

DailySurveyPanel really has got me liking it. Their surveys are kept in rotation. And in case you qualify, you can comfortably hope to take surveys every day of the week.

Now the catch here is that this site’s ‘daily surveys’ don’t pay as well as other sites with similar surveys. However, the good news is that this panel, more often than not has a greater number of ‘regular’ targeted surveys, which pay considerably better vis-à-vis daily surveys. This site has the maximum number of paid surveys invites I have ever seen. (By the way, if you don’t already have one, I recommend you get an email address just for survey sites. It makes it easier to keep track of everything without cluttering your personal inbox. You can get free emails from Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail and many other providers.)

Most surveys hosted by DailySurveyPanel.com pay you in the region of 120-500 points. However, I’ve seen a few where the compensation was 600 points!

Once you finish a survey, the points are credited within a few hours’ time. There can be, however, some instances when the credit arrives a day later.

Recently, I also noticed that the site has made some improvements to its survey incentive system. So now, the site has ‘Daily Surveys’ that earn you a nice 200 points (which translates into $1) per survey; thus making the compensation better than what the competition has to offer.

The site’s target surveys, on the other hand, pay in excess of 200 points comfortably (the last one I saw offered 600 points). As such, I’d recommend that you spend more time completing these target and daily surveys rather than the ones carrying compensation of 150 points (or less).

Daily Survey Panel Website ReviewCompensation/Rewards

Although DailySurveyPanel is not considered one of the best cash survey sites by many, it does actually pay by cash. However you earn points that can be converted to cash once you have enough to qualify for a cash out. Its the same like many other panels such as Opinion Outpost.

Once you have enough points in the bag, you can have them redeemed either for gift certificates from Amazon or cash (through PayPal). As is well-known, I always prefer cash and once I request for PayPal payment, the money usually arrives in around 24-48 hours!!

One major point of different between DailySurveyPanel and other sites of its ilk is that the former has a minimum cash out figure of just $1.00 (or 200 points)! With this, you can comfortably say goodbye to those waiting times to get to the minimum cash out figure of $30 (as is the case with most survey sites).

You can request a PayPal (click to get a free PayPal account if you already don’t have one) payment the moment your account is credited with 200 points.

The other great thing about DSP is that the site doesn’t have any expiration rule for your points. You can simply leave points in your account without being afraid of losing them with time!

The rate at which you can make money is also pretty decent with DailySurveyPanel. Every survey on the site is worth around 100-200 points. With the rate of cash out set at $1/200 points, you can make a decent sum pretty quickly.

For those interested, there is the option to go the gift certificates route (from Wal-Mart, Amazon, Banana Republic, Applebee’s etc.). However, I wouldn’t think much of it since you can always transfer the PayPal money to your linked bank account. I’d surely recommend PayPal as it’s secure, easy and most importantly, fast!

Bonus Points

This survey rewards program does something that others don’t, which is incentivising panelists by rewarding bonuses to people who are able to complete a certain count of surveys in a month.

So if you complete 15 surveys in a month, you stand to earn 500 bonus points.

This feature is unique to DailySurveyPanel only.

Referral Rewards

The site also has a wonderful referral program going on. When most survey sites prefer to reward you with a one-time amount (either points or cash) for bringing in a referral every time, DSP adopts the opposite policy.

The site rewards you $1.00 for every referral you bring in and it does so every month! This applies till the person you referred continues to be active on the site!

Is Daily Survey Panel legit?

The short answer is yes, DSP is as real as it gets. However, as it is the case with every site of this nature, there are both good and bad things about this site. With the most important ones being:

The Good

  • You never have to worry about qualifying for a survey as the site hosts 100s of them. These surveys are also under rotation, which means there is never any dearth of surveys to take.
  • Surveys are simple.
  • You can complete surveys worth around $5 in less than 2 hours every day.
  • The average length of surveys is around 10-20 minutes, with the majority being around the 10 minute mark.
  • Cashing out via PayPal is possible for amounts as low as $1.00 and its increments.
  • Payment through PayPal is lightning fast. Once you request for the same, the payment usually arrives next day itself.

The Bad

  • The panel doesn’t cater to all ages and nationalities.
  • User interface of the site can be best described as too simple and bordering on the ugly.
  • And I sincerely hope green is your favorite color as there’s an overdose of it on the site (in various shades of course)!
  • There is no payment proof section. That’s not a big deal for me, but if this panels wants to attract more panelists, it needs to show people some proof, and having a section where members can post payment proofs could help greatly.

So, should you join?

At the end of the day, if you are serious about this and want to make money filling out surveys online, I think DSP is a site that you should keep on your radar.

The good thing is that DailySurveyPanel is still in its infancy and so as it grows it will only get better and better – at least that’s what usually happens with real paid survey sites backed by legit market research firms.

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