A Review of Tellwut Survey Panel by Satrap

One of the newest survey panels that have created lots of buzz recently is Tellwut. I have been a survey taker for many years, and I am a member of many many sites, but I had never heard of this one prior to a few months ago.

Seeing how much talk there is about the site on various make money online and paid survey forums, I realized I had to sign up with Tellwut. And here is my review based on my short experience with this panel.

Tellwut: an Overview

This panel is a relatively new kid on the block. The survey, questions and polls company made its debut in March 2012 and is based in Toronto, Canada. In spite of its young age, the company has created quite a buzz among regular survey takers.

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This site’s newness to the world of paid surveys is immediately apparent from its member strength, which stands at roughly around 35,000. That figure pales in front of the ones from paid survey heavyweights like NPD, Toluna and Ipsos. However, the company has still managed to create a niche for itself.

Survey Software Tools for Small Businesses

There is one unique feature that I want to bring your attention to; this panel specializes in market research for small businesses. If you’ve been a survey taker for a decent period of time, it’d be known to you that most of the times the companies behind most surveys are large multinationals.

Although that’s not something bad from the viewpoint of survey takers, it does feel good to know that a company like Tellwut also works with smaller businesses, which are often at the cutting edge of technology and the internet.

The site also offers all businesses a trial run without any cost. This is to encourage even owners of small businesses to try their service without paying anything first.

Tellwut Logo

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You might be forgiven for thinking that being so new to the survey scene, this company might lack the credibility factor that I so thoroughly look for. However, that is not the case. Before deciding to bite the bullet and registering, I visited the official website and started fiddling around to gauge its level of transparency. I also recommend you doing the same regularly with other sites.

Overall, the site had everything I sought from a survey panel. The site has many active users, no exaggerated promises, and a “Contact Us” form that I located easily.

Next up, I cross-checked with the BBB and didn’t find the company to be listed there. Frankly speaking, although being listed on the BBB is something I prefer, its absence doesn’t spell the end by any means. Overall, my final call was that the site is legit and can be trusted.

Unique Website Concept

Most survey panels tend to send you regular email invitations for various surveys that fit your demographic information. However, this panel is different as it doesn’t send you any such invites. Instead, you can simply login to the site every day and answer the short surveys and polls waiting for you. In other words, this is more of a daily polling site.

There is no limit to the number of polls you can take in a day. However, open surveys are limited in their numbers per day. But new polls and surveys are uploaded by the site every day, which means you don’t need to wait too long.

Once you complete the registration formalities, the site rewards you with a bonus of 100 points. Another 100 points await you once you enter in some personal information. From here on, you can look forward to earning many more points by simply answering surveys daily!

When I completed my registration by confirming the email ID, I was stunned at the amount of surveys that were thrown open to me. In most cases, new sign-ups are only allotted around 1-2 surveys in the initial week to test if they are indeed serious. Tellwut definitely doesn’t believe in that tactic and if you are someone who loves receiving numerous survey invitations, you’ll absolutely love this website.

Another thing that really impressed me was that the site’s surveys can indeed be completed quickly. I’m referring to surveys with around 7-10 basic tick box questions. Although such surveys pay only around 10 points per survey, they can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Lately, I have got used to answering mammoth surveys and being able to take close to 15-20 surveys in a single hour was certainly very pleasant and exciting.

Now let’s move on to the kinds of questions that’ll be put to you by this site. In yet another contrast with regular survey panels, Tellwut surveys doesn’t focus on one sector or specialty in its surveys. For example, one instance I could be answering questions in a survey based on tattoos while the next instant I could be taking a survey that talks about my life’s regrets. In short, this makes this site one very interesting survey panel.

Tellwut Survey Panel ScreenshotAccumulating Points

At the moment, you can accumulate points in four different ways.

  • Register with the site:
    You are rewarded 100 bonus points as a welcome gesture
    You can earn another 100 points by entering in personal and address info
  • Take Surveys:
    Single answer polls earn you 5 points
    Multiple answer polls earn you 10 points
    Surveys/polls for “Businesses” earn you 15 points
  • Create and submit your own survey:
    This earns you between 10 and 30 points, depending upon the survey’s options and length
  • Refer friends:
    As for referral rewards, it’s pretty close to CashCrate and its referral program. You earn 25 points for each person you refer.
  • Bonuses: The site at times rewards bonus points on Facebook for answering certain surveys etc.

Typically, earning around hundred points or so by taking surveys daily shouldn’t be a problem at all. In my case, I took exactly 8 days to accumulate enough points for cashing out.

Compared to its peers in the paid survey industry, this is an excellent showing by this new panel. I’ve also read personal experiences of users who claimed they earned a gift certificate worth $10 once every week.

Cashing Out

For the redemption of your rewards, you need to have accumulated a minimum of 4,000 points. With Tellwut, those 4,000 points equal an Amazon rewards card of $10 value.

The best part is that the more you participate and more the points you earn (something I’m looking to achieve), better is your chance of laying your hands on some fantastic stuff like a Motorola tablet and gift cards that can be used at major stores like Best Buy.

Sadly, this site doesn’t offer PayPal payments.


  • You can earn 200 points by just registering with the site and providing some basic information
  • Polls are easy and fun – they can also be answered fairly quickly, which rules out boredom
  • Checking account history is very easy – it displays information about all the surveys/polls you’ve participated in a neat manner
  • You can answer as many surveys as you want; there are no limits and if you locate an open survey, go ahead and take it!
  • The site allows you to see a poll’s results immediately; this makes for a great way to see others’ opinions
  • Rewards are processed very fast – I received my $10 Amazon gift card via email (containing the code) the next day itself!


  • Locating an open survey – I’ll admit that a lot of my time was spent looking for open surveys on this site. Once you’ve taken a poll, its results are displayed instantly. This prevents you from taking it again. So far so good but what plays spoilsport is that the polls you’ve taken already are thrown into the mix containing the ones not taken by you yet.
  • Referring friends nets you few points – Most other survey sites are generous when it comes to rewarding members who bring in referrals. However, Tellwut rewards you with only 25 points per referral. You can earn the same number of points in under a minute with the site. It’s not rocket science to figure out that it takes well more than a minute to convince friends about something like this.
  • Prize option a tad unrealistic – When I saw the point prize listing for the Motorola Xoom (2,50,000) I couldn’t help wondering if someone would even reach that figure. To give you an idea of its absurdity, think about having to refer 10,000 friends to earn that many points!
  • I have heard of account suspension without notice or reason. Some people say one day they login to take surveys only to see the account suspended note. To be honest, you must do something wrong to have that happen to you. That’s why I always recommend you read each site’s terms to make sure you don’t accidentally break any rules.

Is Tellwut Legit?

As a survey taker, if you are searching for a site that pays in cash and hosts surveys concerning new products, ads or even movie trailers, joining sites like Hotspex, My Survey or Ipsos would be a far better option.

However, if you prefer to take quick polls and would like to earn gift certificates in an easy way, Joining Tellwut is a good option. Getting addicted to the site’s polls is easy and since most of its surveys are generated by other members, they tend to be funny, weird and even quirky; which is in stark contrast to most surveys used for market research!

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